At minimum, snacks and refreshments are offered. Some events will provide lunch, which will be indicated in the description for those particular events.

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Can we bring lunch?

Minimum age requirement is 18. 16 -17, with parental consent

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Are there ID or minimum age requirements to
register for a class or book an event?

If this is for an apointment, it must be agreed upon with the Provider, prior to the day of the appointment. Regarding trainings/events, no one who is not a paying customer is allowed to attend events or trainings, unless specifically stated in the particular event of interest. 

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Can I bring someone with me?
How long does it take to get certification?

Most people will receive certification same day.

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Due do issues with copycat services, we make every effort to accommodate those interested with as much information as possible, while protecting our efforts to ensure that only paying customers are privy to our tips and industry secrets shared at trainings and events.

Why do you not provide the specific address?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. However, if the class will be offered again, you may have the option to transfer your deposit to a future class/training of the same title. If it is possible to transfer, it will be stated in the class description.

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What is the Refund Policy?

Appointment & Online Store Policy : Please click the Book Appointment or Online Store tab to view the policies for each.